segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

The client’s language

Communication is very important for everyone, I think that it is the most difficult aspect of living together. How many times have we said something and we had conviction with what we said, but those who listened to us, understood a totally different thing. Then, we can point out a very important element in communication, the relationship between what I’m saying and what the people listen heard.

This problem is present in our daily lives as well as the everyday work of enterprises. For example, they want show their products and services to their clients, and try to find the better way to do it, but sometimes, they can´t.

If you want someone to understand you, you have to speak your language. How? Learning! The first step I to know the client, their values, habits and needs (research, research and more research) After that, it´s time to think and choose what to do and how to emit their message, but the correct one.

I can give the example of very famous advertisement coming from the Dove brand called “Dove and Real Beauty”. The brand researched and discovered that women were very unsatisfied with their own bodies. What did they do? Changed the perfect models to normal women with different sizes and ages to show “Real Beauty”

Here is the key to efficient communication, understand your clients. If you don´t know the information you would like to know, it´s no problem, just ask them! Most of the time, the clients are good providers of information.

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